Visit the Stockton Heritage Museum and you will:

  • Learn about the founding families who helped put Stockton on the map
  • Find out what other names were under consideration for the new village
  • Gain an understanding of the role the railroad played in the early days of Stockton and see a model train in action
  • Find out which Fortune 500 company built their first cheese manufacturing plant in Stockton, and learn why they chose Stockton

The Stockton Heritage Museum also:

  • Collects and preserves the oral, written, and pictorial memoirs and data of the history of Stockton and Northwestern Illinois  
  • Assembles and displays artifacts that provide a window into Stockton’s past
  • Encourages and aids individuals interested in historical research
  • Presents programs that share the stories and rich history of Stockton and the area.

Board Members

History of Stockton, Illinois

The logo of the Museum shows the plow share for agriculture, a pick for lead mining in the area, and a feather for the rich history of the Native Americans of the area.