This Land is Your Land: The Folksongs of Woody Guthrie

AUGUST 8, 2021
An Illinois Road Scholar presentation by BUCKY HALKER

Bucky Halker
See performer Bucky Halker at the Stockton Heritage Museum on August 8, 2021.

Stockton Heritage Museum will host a presentation by Bucky Halker—a songwriter, performer, and historian with 15 albums to his credit, including Wisconsin 2-13-63, a two-CD project of original songs, Anywhere But Utah: Songs of Joe Hill (2015), a musical tribute to martyred labor songwriter Joe Hill (1879-1915), and The Ghost of Woody Guthrie (2012), an original music tribute to the legendary folksinger.

Halker has been described as “a missionary, spreading the words and redefining folk music in new and vital and exciting ways” by the Chicago Tribune.

The presentation, “This Land is Your Land: The Folksongs of Woody Guthrie,” will take place on Sunday August 8
at the Stockton Heritage Museum, 107 West Front Street, Stockton, IL, at 2:30 p.m.

Woody Guthrie (1912-1967) is America’s most legendary folksong writer. His music continues to uplift and excite musicians and audiences around the world. Inspired by Guthrie’s most famous song, This Land Is Your Land features the performance (guitar and vocal) of several Guthrie songs, as well as commentary on the time period and each song. The program also places Guthrie and his music in a larger historical context while also offering details on his life.

Halker, a Ph.D. in American History, has lectured and published extensively on music in America and has toured Europe regularly since 1990. He is the author of For Democracy, Workers, and God: Labor Song-Poems and Labor Pro-test, 1865-1895 (University of Illinois Press) and the scholar-producer for the five-volume Folksongs of Illinois CD series. Bucky received the prestigious Archie Green Fellowship from the Library of Congress – American Folklife Center in 2012 and served as guest professor at Carl von Ossietzky University in Germany in 2016.

This program will run 60-70 minutes and allows time for questions and answers.

Fully vaccinated attendees do not need to wear a mask. For the safety of all, unvaccinated attendees are required to wear a mask.

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Have fun. Do the challenge over several days and make it your own. Report back on our Facebook page to share photos and let us know how you did!

Upcoming Events

The museum was not able to open for visitors or offer scheduled events in the museum in 2020.  We are staying positive and hoping to be able to open our doors next year. We will reschedule events planned in 2020 for 2021. See below for a list of tentatively planned programs. Dates will be determined once we are able to welcome groups back into the museum.

Local Author Chris Knauer (aka Chris O’Brian) will discuss his autobiography book titled ‘On The Air’ My Life and 41+ Years in Small Market Radio. Chris will share his life and career experiences. Books will be available for sale.

Stockton Art Show – A gallery showing of various works in the museum collection created by Stockton Artists kicked off with an opening night ticketed event.

Nomadds – Current members of the Nomadds, a local group, popular in the 60s-70s and today, will discuss the history of the group, the music and the venues.

Stockton Businesses – Stockton Heritage Museum board member Warren Dixon will give a presentation of the history of Farm Implement Stores, Automobile Agencies, Repair Shops and Gasoline Stations in Stockton throughout the ages.

Plum River Chapter of the Masonic Lodge  – Tom Heidenreich discusses the history of the organization and takes the group on a tour of the Lodge.

“Postcards: The Happy Invention” A Road Scholar Program by Kathleen Hamilton Smith
In 2016, the world’s largest public collection of postcards, the Curt Teich Postcard Archives, was given to the Newberry Library by the Lake County Forest Preserve District. Katherine Hamilton-Smith, the founding curator of the Teich Archives, presents a look at the documentary power and significance of picture postcards.

“Casting a Historic Vote: Suffrage in Illinois” Jeanne Schultz Angel
The path to women’s suffrage was infused with sexism and racism and triggered a fear of feminism whose roots are still seen today. From attorney Ellen Martin, the first woman to vote in Illinois, to Ida B. Wells, a woman who did not let racism stop her voice, women’s suffrage has been a battle hard fought by a diverse group of activists in Illinois.

“The Farmer is the Man, Songs of the Farm” A Road Scholar Program by Chris Vallillo
From traditional songs like “The Farmer is the Man,” to the dust bowl ballads of Woody Guthrie, to the works of contemporary songwriters, the subject of farm life has long been fertile ground for folk musicians. Award winning folklorist and songwriter Chris Vallillo performs a handpicked selection of the most poignant of these songs as way to look at the past and the future of the family farm.

Come see the program and our Centennial Farm Display

1970s Movies – We are tentatively planning a discussion on how the culture of the 1970s was represented in and changed movies during that time.

Come see the program and our Decade of the 1970s display.

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